Tuesday, 7 August 2018


Been struggling  to put  up pictures (without much success, as you'll have gathered), but  finally managed to  put up  above photo of one of  two hibiscus trees in the garden. Just been reading a comment from someone who calls himself  'How do we know', and is I think  a house guest of Zoe's. He's got  ideas about raising children, which I rather like - the ideas that is - haven't met the children, as yet, so I don't  know whether  I like  them or not (although I  usually do).  Got  five meself, plus eleven grandchildren, plus two great grand children, none of which  has put me off liking children- rather  the reverse, I  think.  The trick is - to listen to them, although  they quite like being told stories.
Having read this, I find I'm waffling; and as there's a T.V. programme about to start, which we want to watch, Will  close now, and wish you all  a  very  good night. 

P.s. Made a muck of that.  The  top picture is of greatgranddaughter Astrid, who is Amelia's daughter, Sarah's  granddaughter , and our (as stated )  great granddaughter. A few days before  they  came to see us, Astrid had  fallen onto a concrete path in her garden, and  knocked a front tooth out. To make sure that we appreciated the full horror of  the situation she had bought along  a photograph of  herself, taken shortly after the tragic incident occurred,  and lost no time in showing us it. As she is three and a half now I fear that this will mean she is likely to be 'gappy'  for the next three years or so.  She is a sociable little soul and spent most of the  day with Ann in the garden (where she carefully picked herbs to augment the lunch she helped Ann to make) found a new name for her great grandmother (Granny Annie) and then, perched on a  stool that was just the right height for her , helped Grannie  Annie in the kitchen. When she  left I presented her with the stool so she could help her Mummy in  the  kitchen. She is really  great fun, bless her.


Z said...

The hibiscus is beautiful, I must look them up and see if it'd do well here.

"How do we know" is a great friend of mine, though we haven't met yet, she lives in India. She's one child, a ten year old son. I think you'd find him very interesting too.

How are you getting on with the TV after all these years without one?

Mike said...

Hello Zoe. Good to hear from you. Re T.V. Got the thing just before last Christmas. As you know, it's about twenty five years since we've had one. We both think T.V. programs have improved since then. Quite a lot of good antique programmes, which we like. And I'm glad to see that Dad's Army is still showing regularly (we both enjoy it). There's also a programme regarding repairing antique items (The Repair Shop) which is made at West Dean College, where I spent a year studying antiquarian horology in the 70s. It's lovely to see work of this qu