Sunday, 5 August 2018


I  hope I'm wrong about  this, but I do  feel that we have serious problems on computers (probably in our area). Can't  seem to do anything with photographs. Going to try and send this commentary but without photos. Been trying on and off all evening to put messages out on the Armoury, without any success . Going to bed now, will try again ack Emma.
Good Night  All.


How do we know said...

Hopped over from Z's, and just wanted to say that I love the short, succinct posts. And the pictures of flowers. I love flowers, and so few people write about them with love any more. Expertise, yes. Pure, simple love of flowers and shrubs and trees... loved that abt these posts.

Mike said...

Thank you 'How do we know'. Warm regards, Mike.

Crowbard said...

We were looking at our recently acquired hibiscus this evening, Jude was delicately feeling the blossoms and removing quite a few loose ones. She tells me many of them wilt after only a day's blooming. New plants going in most days, Jude visits garden centres and ferrets out the dried out specimens (too many of that ilk this year) then brings them home for a deep bucket soaking for a day or two before planting them out and persuading them that life is good if you enjoy being licked by bees (as most flowers do!).