Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Tuesday 2.

Senior daughter Sarah drove over today, lunched with us, and gave me yet another lesson in blog writing.  The photo above we took a week or so ago just over the Essex border  in Harwich. We stopped for a coffee near here, and admired the above double jettied building near the docks.

Sunday, 24 March 2019

Sunday 2.

Mystery Object.  This really is a MYSTERY OBJECT, in that I have no real idea what it is. It belongs to friends of mine who, for many years were dealers in antiques, with a bias towards militaria. The object is made of iron and is just over seven inches long. When I'd only seen pictures of it, I thought it might be some sort of muzzle band for a long gun, but having examined it, this idea does not seem feasible. 

Any suggestions would be welcome.  It is, I think, probably of 19th century manufacture, but might well be a little older.

  Thinking caps on please, chaps and chappesses.

Don't quite know why I'm being so secretive. It belongs to John and Margaret Tinworth, who used to keep an antique shop in Lavenham.

Thanks in advance.


Drove through Kersey a week or so ago and took above photy - tooo many cars but otherwise pleased with the photo.  Machine's getting a bit muddly now- sorry.  I think this iis  the first time in weeks I've persuaded the machine to publish  photies (I hope it will, anyway -  we'll  see in a min). Just got back from Church. Got grand daughter Beth staying with us for weekend. She  came with us to Aldham Church and appeared to enjoy the service. The rest of the congregation was, as always, pleasantly  surprised at our ready supply of grandchildren available.  It's nice  that  they are always ready to accompany  us to Church when weekending with us. She's going back to London tomorrow, and as it's Ann's birthday tomorrow (her 79th I think)  we plan to motor over to Ely and join her siblings for lunch. Offered to put Beth on a train ack emma but she wouldn't hear of it, and says she can get a 'bus to the station without problems. Our family really are experienced and accomplished travellers ( especially the Swedish branch - they hop on aeroplanes much as we hopped on 'busses. Being called up for lunch, so here goes -  hope  it works/

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

Tuesday 2.

Just had lunch (roast pork, etc.) Very good, too!  After which Sarah borrowed the camera, and took above photy. She  sent off a copy  of it to  Mikey, her husband, and put this one on my computer, as another blog illustration.  I still have difficulty putting photies to the blog entries (must try harder, Horner ! as I was usually  told at school, somewhere on my end of term report).


I don't know if anyone remembers me talking about the clock illustrated? It is a small (dial 4inches square !!), London made (circa 1730/40)   timepiece alarum that I spoke of on this blog, a few months ago, when I'd first taken it on.  It's now approaching completion, and I'm quite pleased with it, although everything that could go wrong with it has done. This , I'm afraid, is more the fault of your blogger that the clock's !  However, I've taken my time and rather enjoyed it.  I know the owner will be pleased to have it back, although he still reassures me that there's no hurry over it.

Being called upstairs to lunch by Sal, who is responsible for getting me and the Blog together again - getting to be a lazy ole man.   More later I trust.