Friday, 28 June 2019

Friday (2)

Proto Bonsai trees. Been trimming some of the  little trees today which friend John bought yesterday. Won't really be fit to be seen for a  year or so, after which (hopefully) they'll be fascinating.

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Thursday (2).

Scruffy ole garden shed - but lovely flowers all around it.  Shed really is falling apart, but as we're planning a move,  I don't think  we'll be doing anything  much  about it.

Good night all.

Snapshots of corners of the garden, and (in the case of the strawberries) garden produce - had the first ones yesterday evening, and quite delicious they were too!  The hanging baskets are starting to look quite nice, too.


Yesterday our good  friends John and  Margaret Tinworth came and spent time with us. It was lovely to see them. John had bought with him a couple of small ash trees, which he has started to bonsai, knowing I shall enjoy turning them into miniature Japanese gardens. I have about ten of  these trees, from a small yew tree which I have been 'bonsaing' for about ten years now, through to the two ash trees John bought over yesterday.  Oh well - keeps me off the streets, I suppose. (Grandaughter (who is reading this epistle over my shoulder, is, at this point, murmuring "True, true'   in grndmotherly fashion rather than grand daughterly.  She has just capped it with a  "Youngsters these day!!!!"and an implied "Tut tut."

Tuesday, 18 June 2019


 These photos were taken a few days ago - all in  the  south of the county.

I don't recall seeing any of them before.

Same with this one. I t is very self consciously pretty.  Worth stopping and snapping though.

Thursday, 13 June 2019


Above is  a  snapshot of Cavendish in Suffolf, which lays claim to being the prettiest village in Suffolk, and is indeed, quite nice (so there!!!) Ann says "Kersey's better!!"  Recovering (I hope) from having left femur pinned - but seems a long job.  Resident  Grand daughter Beth is keeping an eye on this epistle and rushes in a bout every few minutes to hit the 'save button, which seems to keep things generallly  'on course'.

A few days  ago Zoe and her husband, Tim, came for a 'soupeee lunch'.  It was lovely to see  them. Going to press the 'send button' now to stop this letter from escaping again.

Above is a photo  taken a few days ago of  the village green  of Cavendish (one of themany villages inSuffolk which lays claim to  being  the prettiest villages in the  world/Great Britain/ England/ East Anglia, et cetera., and is, indeed, a very pretty village. 

Had my broken left femur pinned about three weeks ago.  I think matters are improving but it feels  a long drawn out process. Had a very kind visit a few days ago from Zoe and Tim.