Monday 23 September 2019


These two pictures were taken  on Sunday morning in Aldham Church. The top one is dated 1537. The date is the earliest I know in arabic (as opposed to roman) numerals. On English 'hammered' silver coins, I think the earliest use of arabic numerals, occurrs in the year 1560.

This rather gothic looking bench end carving, is at the end of the dated seat.


Drove into our town centre last Saturday and found that a large bunch of elderly gentlemen were doing a Morris dance near the Market Place. Never did  find out what they were celebrating, though. Perhaps they were all just a bit dotty.

Friday 13 September 2019


Heard recently that an  old  friend (and customer) of mine (Guy Ackers) had died.  Shortly afterwards I heard from one of  his  sons that Guy had left me a  clock. This morning Guy's  son, Jon, and his wife, Ann, called to  deliver the clock (pictured above) and stayed about an hour, coffeeing and chatting. Jon is very like his father - and that is  a  compliment to both of  them. The clock is one  I've always liked. It is an English timepiece alarm, also fitted with a single passing strike on the  hour.  The maker's name is on the lower part of the dial. It was made in England in the early 1700's. Guy purchased it  from me about twenty years ago (or so).  It was lovely to see it again -shan't sell  it this  time - one so rarely gets a second bite of the  cherry..  It's now on my cellar wall, going well  and keeping reasonable time, as far as one can judge of a single handed clock over a few hours. At the moment I'm having thoroughly mixed feelings about it - It's lovely to have the clock again, but shall miss Guy  to talk with about  clocks.  We really must call on his widow, Gwen, soon.

Goodnight all.

Tuesday 10 September 2019


I'm not sure that I've put this  down before -I think  probably not,  so here goes -  I'm still  recovering from a busted hip, and one of the results of this is  that  we've decided  that a bungalow will be safer for us. We have found  a bungalow (our children all  seem to think it  ideal for us)so now we're planning for one  last (we hope) move. Any comments  gratefully received  (sensible ones only please, Crowbard and Rog)