Tuesday, 20 October 2020



Mother and daughter (Sarah and Ann) in the kitchen. Sarah motored over from Milton Keynes this morning and is spending the day with us. She has already subdued my computer into a state of muttering submission (which is better than its  usual state of  open  rebellion).   

I never seem able to achieve a state of  being able to reproduce a state of agreement with it ( i.e. its reproducing photos to illustrate my blog .)  Still it seems to be trying to please this time. So I suppose I'd better knock off while I'm ahead of the game. 

Tuesday, 6 October 2020


Snapshot of part of the front garden (tree lined).  

Below - Part of the library - showing 'Jack Horner' - I'm thinking of fitting a second bell, so that he does a sort of 'ding dong'  alarm on two bells of different tones. Will show you yet another picture of him of it works out.  Sarah has motored over and spent the day with us. It's been lovely see her.   In fact she's  about to motor home to Milton Keynes in a min, so must knock off and see her away. More soon (if I can make the machine behave.)