Tuesday 11 February 2020



                                        Mystery Object.

Photo is of  one corner of 'the Library' (not a book in sight, you'll notice).  The small clock in the centre of the photo is running, and continues to keep quite good time.

 Mystery object is to the right of the picture. It is of an unusual size for its type (just over  three and a half inches long which you may find a bit offputting) but give it a try.

Monday 10 February 2020

Monday Afternoon.

Still life in new kitchen. 


Above photo is of  a farmhouse, with an oast house attached. Taken just this side of Sudbury. Rare in East Anglia,  although we must have needed oast houses as much as in other areas????? for making beer.

Above half timbered farm house, on outskirts of Long Melford. Lovely looking old place, but wonky in all directions.  Has never been known to actually fall down, though, as far as I'm aware.