Sunday 3 May 2020


Snapshot of  inlaid gunstock. English, circa 1590/100.

formerly in my gun collection - sold via Sotheby's last December. 

What a weird world we seem to be living in at present. The whole town seems to be something of a 'ghost town ' now. Earler this week, walking across the market place, there was ONE car parked  in the town centre.   Glad we saw it. In  a few years time we shan't believe it.  Must knock off. Ann's calling me from  the kitchen  to lunch.  

Speaking of Ann -must record that yesterday (for the second time since we've all been under house arrest, Ann has cut my hair,  and trimmed my beard- no barbers are open in town, so (all bar the moustache, though) Ann did the job, adding to her wifely skills, and I must stress that she aint at all a bad tonsorial artist !!!!!!!!!!!!!