Monday 23 April 2018

Going to be rather busy over the  next few days, as we are having  a  new bathroom (or rather - I'm told  it  will  be a 'wet room') installed.  I hope  we'll  both like it when done. We know  the chap who's doing it. He built  our friends (John and Milly) a new kitchen and made a lovely job of  it, so fingers crossed.

 Above is a snapshot of  our garden pond. It's an old  rubber horse bucket which I inserted into the garden last year, but our resident goldfish seems to like it. 

Not been too well over the  last few months, but seem able to get on with things a bit better now.  Basically Anno Domini, but the medicos call it different things these days.  I really don't  like medispeak. Unnecessarily offensive.  Won't go into  that just now;   might when convinced I'm completely better, but I really don't think even the cleverest medicos can do much to  stop the march of Anno Domini. 

Been reading the Forsyte Saga again -  last read it about forty  years ago-  do you know, the characters haven't changed a bit in those forty years.  Will try a Dickens or so  next I think. Warm regards  to you all.    Mike.

Tuesday 10 April 2018


Wandered round the  garden the  other evening (well, a day  or  so  ago) and took photies. The garden is really starting to look quite colourful, and as grand daughter Lucy  is here this morning, nominally keeping an eye on the  old man, we discussed the  matter and decided to make a 'blog entry' of  the garden.  The top picture  is of  wild violets (I think   'dog violets'  is  the correct term)  They started to come into flower early in January then we had a good deal of snow, and they changed their little minds about the matter, but they've all decided that perhaps it really is spring now, and have all flowered again.

Should perhaps  have explained that, ordinarily,  Lucy is at Liverpool John Moores University, reading  history, but she  is  enjoying the  Easter  holiday, and as her Mama (our  senior  daughter, Sarah) is  taking Ann to hospital for an examination of one of her (Ann's) eyes, Lucy is staying here with me pro tem-  she is nominally looking  after me -  but I shall have to make her a coffee in a min. 
More later, next time I have someone here who can make the computer behave itself, as Lucy can. 

Friday 6 April 2018

Church this morning. It's a tiny  church just across the valley from us. It's an East  Anglian round towered church. of very early date. The 'experts tell us  that it probably based on the site of a pre Christian  temple.

Wednesday 4 April 2018


The above photograph is a !!! No, forget that . The above is a mystery object. What , and when??????


Can anyone tell me why someone writes the above photographed doggerell ? It is awful stuff. In the first two lines there is a false rhyme - home/own- dreadful!  And as it goes on it gets worse.  In my opinion  an intelligent seven year old could better it.  I'm a reasonable chap as a general rule, but this sort of rubbish makes me think  that I'll  try being cirmudgeonly for a while.!!!!!