Monday 30 April 2007


Forgot to mention best part of yesterday (sunday). When we came out of Layham Church at about 7.30, it was a 'deep blue evenin' , the sun had just gone down, but sunlight just showing on the treetops and hillsides, birds still singing and swallows swooping over the meadows, and the smell of a late spring Suffolk evening; lovely,restful, ending to a hectic but very pleasant day.

Monday. David Northover turned up at 8am with the repaired sash windows and replacement windowsills for the two front bedroom windows and started work. Ann went of at 9a.m. to visit Great Gran. At 10.30 Leigh Alstone dropped in to look at some early metalwork, so I called David down and we had tea/coffee (+ fruitcake +a very pleasant chat) in the cellar/undercroft/vaults. David and Leigh know each other as one is a restorer of early buildings and the other an architectural historian. Susan Zippell then 'phoned and purchased tinder lighter,as we had ascertained postal rates and insurance for its transport to the states and she had agreed them. This made me rather late for lipreading class this afternoon. Hate being late so made abject apologies and was forgiven very prettily by Jill. Ann has just 'phoned to say she is on her way home having just called on Mick and Erica. Erica not well. 6.30 pm. Ann home. All well.

Sunday 29 April 2007


Heavy day as far as I can remember. Walked to church. Ann had asthma attack so did not sing in choir. I did. Last hymn 'Oh for a thousand tongues to sing' with good base part to chorus. Enjoyed it. Lunch, then back to Church stewarding art exhibish 3 to 5 pm, then service at Layham Church 6. 30 pm. Doesn't sound much written down . Had forgotten:- called in on Eileen Huntsman 5.15 p.m. to look at sick grandfather clock. Got it going but fear it will need kitchen table surgery to restore it to full health. So much for 'day of rest'. Good night.

Saturday 28 April 2007


Fairly exciting day. Gardener comes at 8a.m. on Saturdays. Remarkable bloke. About the same vintage as I am. Designs garden, obtains materials, and, shortly, does all the donkey work, doesn't waste time (except perhaps in chatting to me whilst we drink vast quantities of tea). When he first came to us Ann asked how he liked his tea and (after a little thought) he said "White, and more or less continuous". We laughed politely, but as it turned out he was teling approximately the truth. Don't grudge it to him a bit because (a) he really puts his back into it between cuppas, and (b) it means that I get rather more cups of tea than is usual. Oh, and in his spare time he writes childrens' stories. Had to knock off just after mid day and get changed, eat lunch , and be at scrabble club by about ten to two. One game only because I had to be at the art exhibition before three to steward (on the door this time). I had made my excuses for leaving early to the three ladies with whom I usually play scrabble, and they reciprocated this courtesy by wiping the floor with me. Good close game, but this doesn't alter the fact that although Michael used up his tiles first, when the counting up was done he had come in fourth. Then shot over to the church where I spent the next four hours selling tickets, giving out catalogues, and explaining that there were so many mistakes in the catalogue that there was a free addenda sheet to go with it. Mostly they took this in fairly good part until it was discovered that many of the errors had to do with pricing and that some prices were rather more than had been stated in the catalogue. Then more explaining had to be done. Home, supper, and now bed looms invitingly. Good hectic day. God bless you.

Friday 27 April 2007


Cold morning. Friends Terry and Diana came to lunch - soup (celery, leek and chicken- homemade) smoked salmon with salad and home made bread, then coffee with some of Ann's apricot flapjack (all simple stuff but absolutely delicious). Pottering on the computer this afternoon. Found myself falling asleep over the keyboard, so went upstairs, arranged myself horizontally, and slept for an hour. Awoke to a lovely sunny afternoon, and resumed pottering till six, when we ate (early for us because we've been invited to the preview of the Art exhibition which we'll be occasionally stewarding during the coming week) . Whenever I use the computer now, it bloops occasionally and announces that Matt has signed in. I think this is a legacy of granddaughter Georgie's stay when she used the computer for purposes of 'revision', and has somehow I suppose left her brother Matthew hooked up to it. I don't really mind, as after announcing Matt's presence the image fades after a few seconds. It's rather like having him here as he usually enters a room where I'm working, says "Hi Pa" and then fades away again seconds later. Must close and go and look at some art. Mem: leave chequebook at home this year.

Thursday 26 April 2007


Bloke who is making our new gate called in at 9am with unfinished gate to show us. Seemed very proud of it. Understandably because it's nice. Reminds me of awful schoolboy joke popular when I was awful schoolboy:- If you accused a chap of stealing your gate would he take offence? Well I warned you it was awful. Then our good friends Sue and David dropped in for coffee. Then this afternoon my barber called, cut my hair, stayed for coffee, and had long chat about values of collectables (not at all the same subject as collection of valuables, I'm afraid) . This evening choir practice. This blog seems to be becoming a diary. Boring. Would at this point liven it up by inserting some deep and profound thoughts if I knew any. Must learn to use this digital camera thingy, then I can improve matters by taking and inserting some pictures into the machinery. Still, waffling quite well at present. Did quite a lot of work today between socialising. Goodnight all.

Wednesday 25 April 2007


Today, being wednesday, we went to early service (7.30 am), followed by a frugal breakfast in church. About eight of us. After that went on to surgery where my doctor talked a load of #~@'' to me about losing weight and taking far more excercise. Except when he's talking medicine my doctor is a thoroughly good chap (but in my opinion a rotten doctor). Fancy talking about such things as dieting and excercise when there's a lady present (especially when the lady is my wife with her ears flapping). After that we went on to our coffee shop for coffee and sticky buns, so there !!!! Well that's what I went there for. I wasn't allowed any buns, and Ann restricted herself to coffee and a croisant (with jam). I watched this display with a very marked silence. Then home to work -- went well. Now it's evening and we're off for what's left of an early night. Good night dear readers (if any).

Tuesday 24 April 2007

The "Other" Half

This is me, in our half done new garden.

... Sandbathing in the sunpit!

This is me taken in a weak moment by granddaughter Georgie.

Portrait of the blogger.

This is me. At my best. Should have warned you. Not sure this is a good idea, been persuaded by a friend., backed by Ann ( the better half - of some forty odd years- no not her age but the length of our partnership- no don't like that word- our marriage.) Think I might like this. As long as nobody knows who I am this might be therapeutic. Anyway I shall enjoy it.