Friday, 25 April 2014


On Wednesday this week, 23rd April (Saint George's Saint   Day) We were driving through Sudbury, when I saw a large red rambler rose in full bloom on a wall.  As we were in the car, I hadn't time to get the camera out. This morning I was walking into town and took the above photo of a large white rambler in full bloom. It seems very early to have roses in flower, and I said as much to friend Hilary, who told me that she has several roses in full bloom in her garden, which is very sheltered and South facing; but April still seems very early for roses. All sorts of things seem to be blooming early this year, though.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


This morning we went along to the Mattins Service at the Row Chapel (I've mentioned this chapel before - it was built in the 1400s to serve a row of nearby almshouses, which it still does).

In the seat behind us sat a lady in an Easter Bonnet (the lady  to the right of the above photo). I complimented her on the bonnet, and she told us she made it herself. I told her it was the only Easter Bonnet I'd seen this Easter, and asked her if she made herself  one every year?  "Well, no," she said, "But when I was a young girl we all made, or at least trimmed, an Easter bonnet every year, and I do like to keep up the old customs, so I make one every two or three years".  Once again, Peggy, I compliment you on it. It looked very festive.  
I should confess, that  I hadn't got my camera with me, but I'm glad to say that Wendy (of the Wendy Whitecat Blog) had hers, and sent me a copy of the above photo to use on my blog.  Thank you Wendy - and I'll try and remember to always put my camera aboard whenever we leave the house in future.

Thursday, 17 April 2014


On Tuesday morning, eldest daughter, Sarah, her husband Mikey, their daughter Lucy, and son Guy, came for an overnight visit. On Wednesday it was decided that we'd drive over to Sutton Hoo, and inspect the Anglo Saxon ship burial there. The top photo shows Lucy, thinly disguised as an Anglo Saxon warrior.

 The above photo shows grandson Guy sturdily refusing pointblank to be disguised as anything. Quite right, too. People should remember how shy and sensitive we chaps are before trying to lure us into such unmanly charades!

After we got home, Lucy, armed with the usual grandfatherly tip, trotted into town, where there is a shop that makes superb sweetmeats, chocolates, etc., and purchased for her mother a quarter of a pound of kirsch soused, dark chocolate coated cherries. Above photo shows Sarah gloating over them.  They hit the road just after tea time yesterday.  A flying visit, but we thoroughly enjoyed it.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014


Just to make the answer to yesterday's mystery object plain, here is a photo of the archer's thumb ring in situ on the blogger's thumb.  The bowstring would have rested in the notch towards the left of the ring with the thumb curled, then it would release when the thumb was straightened.  All clear?

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


Motored over to Sudbury yesterday to purchase provisions for the coming invasion (of family). On the way home took the above photos of fields full of oilseed rape. I was told once that from four or five acres of  oilseed rape enough deisel  can be processed to fuel a medium sized family car for a year. Don't know if that's true. I do know that the stuff  causes hay fever !!!

Sarah, Mikey, Lucy and Guy turned  up a bit after eleven this morning. Ann bought out the simnel cake she made yesterday, which features in the above photo. Granddaughter Lucy then produced the chocolate chip biscuits that she'd made (shown in the photo below). Cake and bickies both delicious.


                                     Below is this weeks MYSTERY OBJECT. It is a nice, uncomplicated object, the purpose of which should be fairly obvious.  It is made of bronze. Purpose, where and when made, please?

Below is the same object next to a shilling or rather a ten pence piece, to give an idea of scale.

Supper is soon about to be served so I must knock of now and get meself upstairs to it..

Sunday, 13 April 2014


This afternoon, as it was a lovely day (see above photo) we decided to walk into town, and return a book to the library. This, wasn't altogether a good idea, as I forgot to take the book. However, we got a book out each, then purchased one of the 'surplus to requirements' books, so the walk  wasn't altogether wasted.  Decided to walk home by the river path. Just before we got to the bridge passed a piece of land which is being used as a poultry farm; one of the more impressive denizens of which was the bird below.

Crossed the river by the bridge below, which is said to be the oldest bridge in Suffolk still being used for its original purpose (that of taking road traffic over the River Brett). It was built, I'm told in the 1300s, and seems sound enough still, although it's been repaired a good deal over the centuries.

Stopped for a natter with friend Kevin (a keen scrabble player) and watched the below pair of swans building this year's nest. Last year they had seven offspring, of whom five survived, and one of whom  finally left his parents just after Christmas.

As we chatted we realised that the swans were indulging in some sort of pre mating ritual, so it seemed only polite to walk on, pretending to have noticed nothing, and leave them to it. I suppose that may have been where the expression 'necking' comes from ?   A very pleasant afternoon walk.

Friday, 11 April 2014


 Above picture shows our garden, with, in the top left hand corner, the potting shed/forge. I was doing a little leisurely clearing-out in the forge earlier this week, when I came across this weeks MYSTERY OBJECT, which is shown below. This one really is a mystery object, in that, although it's been kicking about the forge for some years, I really don't  know what it is; so I should value your opinions as to its purpose.  I perhaps should add, that having now examined it carefully, I think I do have some idea about it what it was made for.

It is heavily sprung (rather like a very large safety pin). It is about twelve and a half inches in overall length, and is obviously blacksmith made.

It has, as shown in the below picture four claws to each side of it.  If it's what I suspect it is, then one small part of it is missing. A spare pivotting point is just visible to the left of the upper claw.  Any way, all guesses (and any knowledge) would be gratefully received.

Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Took the above photo at about 7 o'clock in the morning on Sunday. Shows the playing field beyond our garden and car park,  from our back bedroom window, on a glorious  spring morning.

 Yesterday afternoon found the first aquilegia (Granny's Nightcap) in full flower in the garden.

Took it in to Ann, who picked some leaves and put it on the supper table. They are glorious flowers in all shapes, sizes, and colours. Should be some around now for a couple of months.

My computer tells me that 'support for this operating system has ended' and that my P.c. is now at risk. As my machine has been around now for about ten years (well parts of it have) I think it's probably time for a new one. Popped into a shop in Sudbury on Saturday, and the young lady in the shop recommended a 'laptop machine'. She offered me what sounded like a good deal, which included setting up the new machine, and a certain amount of maintenance.  I would be grateful for any suggestions or advice on the matter from my readers, most of whom know a good deal more about these matters than I do. My thanks in advance.

Friday, 4 April 2014


Above photo shows indoor flowers, which our good friend Cath (who is a professional flower arranger) brought to Ann on Wednesday at Long Melford.

The above and below photos are of different areas of our garden, which is beginning to look quite colourful.

The best thing that happened this week, apart from my new hearing aids on Monday, was that on Tuesday our friend David, who is a builder, came and did repairs to our roof (the damage occurred before Christmas in one of the freak storms that we had this winter).  David says that he is fairly happy that the roof is now waterproof, but doesn't want to repair the damaged ceiling in the side hall until we've had rain of the roof to make sure that he's repaired the damage. I hope he'll do the ceiling repairs soon, because I want to return my books to the bookshelves in the side hall - the front hall is still full of piles of books, which means I can't find any books I want, because the piles are in no sort of order, let alone their usual alphabetical order. Oh well - Tuesday was a good start. It's been a frustrating winter - having to make sure there are buckets under the places at risk whenever we went out.  

                                      Good night All.