Thursday 31 May 2007

Thursday evening.

Have had not time for bloggery lately as we spent the weekend in Norfolk (business). Very pleasant and reaonably successful. Got home on Monday evening. Tuesday morning (after a visit to the bank, and one or two jobs in town) back in the car and drove down to Sussex. Took us two hours (Ann drove). Lewes first, then on to Bosham. On Wednesday we awarded ourselves a day off, and the rain tiddled down. It can be quite fun being slightly deaf. About mid mornng Ann, knowing I don't do days off asked how I was enjoying it. I thanked her politely and said I was enduring my day off quite well. I was too; we both were. The rain was more or less horizontal, we both wore hooded raincoats, and it was great fun splashing through the puddles exploring Chichester. Today, after breakfast, we called on an old friend (by appointment ) in Chichester and had coffee with her. It was great to see Sheilah again and pick up the threads. She has a thoroughly wacky sense of humour. Then on to Singleton to meet another old friend, Jim, who does a little buying on my behalf in the Sussex area. We had lunch together in the Singleton pub, which is thoroughly unspoiled. Had roast southdown lamb, followed by treacle sponge pudding and custard. Delicious. Then a quick look round Singleton church (Saxon tower) and eventually drove home. Took us nearly five hours this time, due to radworks on M25. Good to be home, and looking forward to catching up on some work. Goodnight all, as Sergeant Dixon used to say.

Wednesday 23 May 2007

Wednesday yet again.

Got up and went to early morning service (7.30 am), then drove to Bury St. Edmunds because our new car (two years old now) was one of a batch to be recalled to check something doubtful in its private insides ( to be technical). It passed with flying colours and was given a clean bill of health. Then on to see Great Gran, who is still a little depressed about her cousin Mary's and her auntie Joan's deaths. Took her out for a fish and chip lunch which we all enjoyed (nice fresh cod)and was very reasonable. Called in to see Mick and Erica on our way. Mick had been over to Grandma Jack's funeral but returned while we were there. Too many deaths in this but all three were around or well over ninety. That generation thinning out rapidly, I'm afraid. I had a great admiration for the Victorians (and Edwardians), I wish my generation were as certain of anything as they were of EVERYTHING. Had tea and cake with M & E then drove home, arriving at about 7.30 pm. Scrambled egg on toast, and so to bed.

Friday 18 May 2007

Friday ( I think)

Spent this nmorning in workshop quite successfully. Then out to coffeeshop for light lunch, at table in open air behind shop as a lovely day. Halfway through our lunch young lady at next table, with her back to Ann, started choking (tears running down her cheeks, etc.) "Shall I thump your back ?" says Ann. The woman was beyond speaking but nodded heartily. With that Ann fetched her a wallop between her shoulder blades that would have had Rocky Marciano reeling against the ropes and begging to end the fight. Well it did the trick and dislodged whatever the obstruction had been; but if given the choice, and if she had answered honestly, I think the young lady might have prefered instant oblivion. Still she had the grace (when recovered somewhat) to thank Ann for her intervention. I suppose I should have warned her. We then motored over to Coggeshall, where we went clothes shopping, and I bought a navy blazer (Gurteen), and a blouse for Ann. Had tea at the White Horse, collected a copper warming pan and drove home. Had a lovely supper with our good friends Sue and David, just back from Sardinia. David had made supper (a jazzed up shepherd's pie), not sure how you jazz up a shepherd but it worked well (delicious) . Had a good potter round their garden ; they have an incredible collection of Granny's nightcaps (aquilegia), I think David said 169 different sorts, but must check this as it seems as incredible as the collection was (probably my hearing at fault again). Listened to a conversation between our Dean and one of the churchwardens the other morning about headlice, couldn't make much of it as they'd started off talking about the public address system in the church. Checcked with Ann later, and it turned out that they'd been talking about head mikes. On which note goodnight and God bless you.

Thursday 17 May 2007


Spent last weekend with Carl and Jude. Very pleasant and relaxing. Thought Carl looked better than last time, which is at least six months ago. Whilst there called on old acqaintance John, and was able to do a little business. On the Monday we all went to a very good garden centre, and the ladies bought. The car on the return journey looked like a motorised Burnham Wood on its way to Dunsinane (not sure if I've got my quote right. On Tuesday took pretty route to Peterborough and renewed my passport. Called on Kerry on way home and saw Laura and Tom. Good to see them. Rest of this week have been hard at it in my workshop. Got lots done. Today being Ascension Day, this evening had a sung Eucharist, and those of us who are fit enough climbed to the top of the tower to sing the opening hymn in the fresh air (tradition). The air was very fresh as it was raining slightly, but it was very bracing. All seven of us (counting the Dean) had to really let rip to make enough volume in the open air. We all enjoyed it (the choir I mean, and I hope, our hearers. Ann was a server, so did not climb the tower. Now feeling what a cockney friend of mine would call 'thoroughly cream crackered' (work it out then) so will knock off and retire. Goodnight all.

Saturday 12 May 2007


Spent this morning pottering. Finished off small jobs. Started off other small jobs. Drank tea with gardener, filled in password renewal form. Earlier in the week we had invitation from near neighbours to 'join them for a glass of wine at 12.30 pm'. Felt this was very civil of them but not sure how long to stay. Went. Met other neighbours. After nearly hour and a half of very pleasant chat made our excuses and I dashed off to scrabble club. Hope we got the timing right. At scrabble club shared table with Arthur (who is, if anything, rather deafer than I am. So conversation, between play, consisted of alternate bellowings, and even louder "Ehs?". Rather wearing, I should imagine for third member of party, elderly lady, stylish ex- cockney ). When scrabble club started three or four years ago, I was chatting to said elderly lady, who had walked very fair distance to club, and said "don't you drive ?"
She laughed heartily, and said "Do I drive ? You should have seen some of the things I drove in the last war". It turned out that from 1939 onwards she regularly drove everything from tank transporters to Rolls - Royces packed with top brass. It just shows that it's unwise to make assumptions about anybody. I digress. Back to this afternoon. I won the first two scrabbles, then towards the end of the third game Brenda (the tank transporter lady) who had been lagging behind the two blokes, suddenly hit a brilliant patch, and then went out on a seven letter word onto a triple word score, and won by just over fifty points . It's a great game scrabble, and keeps the grey matter turning over nicely. Ann just called downstairs that dinner is imminent. Evening meal over. Very nice, too. Then Ann washed and I dried. And so to bed, as Mr. Pepys said. Bet he wished the blog had been invented in his day.

Friday 11 May 2007

Thursday 10 May 2007


Got up this morning and dressed scruffily because I intended spending day in workshop. Was reminded at breakfast that I had to nip into town to have passport photo taken for new passport. Several jobs about house that needed doing (in one case redoing) so got stuck in, then just before lunch went and made myself respectable, and after lunch walked into town and had passport photograph taken at chemists. Later sent off parcel to U.S.A. Not as expensive as I'd anticipated. Hope it gets there safely. Must try and email putative recipients and tell them it's on way. 8.24 p.m. Just been to choir practice, Organist away, Choirmistress called away to family crisis, so Bob took over as organist and oliver, youngest choir member (13 I think) took over as conductor. What looked like turning into a fiasco turned into a pleasant and satisfying evening. Goodnight all.


Got up early for early service (7.30 am) followed by frugal breakfast in church (fresh bread, butter and honey, or jams - a good choice of - much of it home made, tea or coffee) and much chatter. Chatter not as pointless as it seems. Much parish business is settled at this sort of do. Later in morning,11.30 am meet up at Brent Eleigh with David and Felicity; the four of us then go to pick up Teddy, elderly friend (even more elderlier that the rest of us) who has recently moved into a rest home here. Teddy pleased to show us round his new home, small bed/sitting room with French windows opening onto a glorious sweep of lawn surrounded by mature trees. After admiring it awhile and helping Teddy a bit with the Telegraph crossword, we take him with us into Lavenham and treat him to lunch at the Angel on Lavenham Market Place. Four of the five of us have the rabbit stew with orange and herb (herb was specified but can't remember it afterwards which was a shame as the stew was delicious and wouldn't mind trying to copy it). In the evening we had a 'shared' meal with Margaret Bottle. Six of us and everyone brings something. We do this once a month, no collusion before hand and it always works out as a well balanced meal. Very pleasant evening. Altogether a very pleasant day. Worked hard in afternoon, and that too very satisfying. Goodnight.

Tuesday 8 May 2007


Had to go to surgery this morning; blood test to determine if thyroxin level is still alright. Good lady who took blood threw a very gifted needle, hardly felt it ; probably keeps her hand in by playing darts regularly. Met up with Ann in local coffee shop, where we met several aquaintance. Bit of a salon that place, or do I mean saloon ? What I really mean is that it's a popular meeting place for chatting, socialising, doing crossworsd puzzles, etc. I'm told it's about to change hands again. Hope they don't lose the flavour. Met our new neighbour this afternoon, he seems a pleasant enough youngster (well, about 30 I should think). Got a good deal of work done today. Ann finished bedrooms, stairs and hall today. After David repaired upstairs sash windows last week place has been gritty. Place feels civilised again now. Goodnight.

Monday 7 May 2007


Bank holiday, rained most of last night and this morning. Garden needs it. One half of garden divided into two further parts with potential box hedging; these two parts being a herb garden and a rose garden. Loads to do yet though. Nice quiet day, spent most of it in workshop, got on very well. Learned by 'phone that our friend Hilary has just got home from having a new knee joint put in. Had a rough trip. Got M.R.S.A. post op. Sounds a beastly business. Hope all goes well now. Going to knock off now and have two last pills of the day; and so to bed.


Bank holiday, rained most of last night and this morning. Garden needs it. One half of garden divided into two further parts with potential box hedging; these two parts being a herb garden and a rose garden. Loads to do yet though. Nice quiet day, spent most of it in workshop, got on very well. Learned by 'phone that our friend Hilary has just got home from having a new knee joint put in. Had a rough trip. Got M.R.S.A. post op. Sounds a beastly business. Hope all goes well now. Going to knock off now and have two last pills of the day; and so to bed.

Sunday 6 May 2007


At 2pm had time for one game of scrabble with my usual three opponents. Modesty of course forbids me to tell who won, but I avenged last weeks crushing defeat. Then on to this year's last session of stewarding at the art exhibition. Usually as dead as several dodos on the last day but a very busy afternoon which flew past. I was on the door selling catalogues and Felicity, the Dean's wife had printed a quiz for me to hand out to children, the questions all concerning the pictures, the idea being to give the little dears something interesting to keep them quiet. Counter productive. One enterprising young gentleman's first question was ;- "what's the prize?" Thinking on my feet I came back with "There isn't a prize because entry to this quiz is free" This slight non-sequitor seemed to satisfy him pro tem, but he was back ten minutes later to complain that he couldn't find the answer to some of the questions. As I wasn't too busy at the time I took him off to point out the more obvious answers. Had gone about two steps when I spotted Felicity and seeing the obvious solution to the problem, introduced him to 'the lady who set this clever quiz' and left them to it. I just hope Felicity could remember the answers.
Today, Sunday. Morning service . Both of us choired. Ann set off earlier than I to help a friend of ours , who has just had a knee job done, get dressed. After service popped into Eileen's to wind clock. Behaving better. Clock not me. After lunch to Deanery Lodge, where gardens were open in aid of Red Cross. Very pleasant afternoon. Lovely gardens sweeping down to river. Met up with Janet and Ozzy Simpson, who are both gardening afficiendoes (that plural doesn't look right- not sure the word is either but it sounds good so will leave it in) and were able to tell us the names of everything. Ann has just called down to say "supper in five." so had better knock off. Good night.

Friday 4 May 2007


Most peculiar day. Went into local hospital at first light (well, 8.30 am if you want to be pedantic) for an exploratory op which should remain anonymous, but in these lax and easy going days I don't suppose I shall shock anyone much by stating it was a colonoscopy. Had to prepare for it yesterday afternoon by imbibing THREE litres of noxious rat poison, which in REAL liquid measure is over half a gallon. This is why there was no entry in my blog yesterday, because as my tonsils were awash with the stuff, whenever I started to move towards the consol I found myself swaying from side to side and making sploshing noises. Back to this morning. The chap in charge of the op told me that he was going to 'slightly sedate' me as the op could be a bit painful. I do remember him injecting the back of my hand and then a nurse was trying to wake me up from the deepest sleep I can recall. I only agreed to resurface on her promising me cups of tea and biccies if I would sit up for them (remember that by this time I had been fasting for about 20 hours). Before the op they had said I could watch it on the monitor. I don't much like anyone inspecting my private insides, but if it's going to be done I think I've a right to a ringside seat if you see what I mean, but I'd slept soundly through the whole performance. Most disappointing. Still, they told us afterwards that I was completely clear -'nothing sinister' was the phrase. So then I took Ann off to the canteen and restored the average intake to some extent. Complete waste of a morning. Slept this afternoon, can't think why. Done a little work this evening. Still a bit tired, so good night all.

Wednesday 2 May 2007


Busy day today. Can't think of much to say. So I'll just put down what I can remember of the dustbin day song : - The dustbins up and down our street are stood so neat and all replete with household items obsolete on dustbin day in the morning.
The dustmen are a toughish crew, don't have a clue on what to do, and some of them get smelly too, on dustbin day in the morning.
They spill the rubbish; cardboard scrunch; and then a bunch of bottles crunch, and eat the broken glass for lunch, on dustbin day in the morning. There was a lot more but can't remember it. Crowbards has very kindly written another verse in one of yesterday's comments. Don't know why our brains waste their time in making up silly verse, but I think a lot of us find ourselves doing it. Can anyone think of a reason ? It seems pointless especially as I suspect most of us forget it all within a matter of hours. Just as well considering the quality of the above dotty doggerel. Good night all.

Tuesday 1 May 2007


Today is dustbin day in our street in our town. And as our street is a narrow twisting one, and our town a thoroughly medieval one with many jettied buildings overhanging these narrow twisting streets, life becomes very hectic at rush hour on dustbin day. As the first verse of a song on the subject goes :- "The dustbins up and down our street- are stood so neat- and all replete -with household items obsolete - on dustbin day in the morning" . Never heard of it ? Not surprised. It's one I wrote myself and I've never sung it except to my immediate family who are fairly tolerant as far as the old man's concerned. Usually. It can be sung to the tune of "I saw three ships" and I can't remeber why I introduced the subject. Yes I can, I was rambling on about dustbin day in rush hour, And today started busy and continued busy as I have spent it getting ready for Long Melford tomorrow. Which means a very early start in the morning, so I intended to apologise for a very short entry in today's blog. But casting an eye over it I find I needn't. What I do need though IS TO GO TO BED. Now. Goodnight.