Thursday 9 August 2018


Been a busy day. Eye check at opticians this  morning. Then on to   lunch    at  the Red Rose pub at  Lindsey, to celebrate friend Barbara's birthday. Eaten there several times this year, and a very pleasant Suffolk  country pub it is, too. Reasonably  quiet; serving country food, not too expensive (by today's standards, anyway), and the staff are always quietly welcoming.  I had roast pork, with crackling, apple sauce,  and bubble  and squeak. Ann had mushroom risotto. We both had quite good puddings, too.  
Had tea with  neighbours, for whom I've recently  repaired  rather a nice,  mid Victorian mantle  clock (still  going well, I'm glad to say -  and keeping good time). As I've retired (as an horologist) I didn't charge them for doing the clock (about half an hours work, anyway) so she  insisted on giving us tea.

Should have said when I  mentioned Lindsey, that  both Lindsey and Kersey, a nearby neighbouring village, are now small villages, very pretty, but in  their day, both were famous enough wool producing towns to have a  woollen cloth named after them :- Lindsey and Kersey. 

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