Tuesday 25 October 2022

Tuesday 25 October 2022 - where has this year gone??

Hello everyone. I've finally got this *( thing to work),  I think, but I'm not over confident 
The picture is of  a Clock Jack that I have restored over the last couple of years. He has a rather satisfying bong on the bell above his head!!!


Lori Skoog said...

So nice to see a post! How are you and what have you been doing all this time!!!

Mike said...

Hi Lori
All well here - although I like to have the support of my daughter Sarah when posting these days....(Hi Lori, this is sarah typing now!)
Dad still enjoys his blog but his memory is such that he occasionally forgets he has a blog!!!
We are both thrilled to hear from you, hope all is well on your farm and that preparations for the coming winter are well underway?
We will try and post again befoe too long, I come over to visit my parents weekly, but I don't always have time to sit at the computer...
Much love
Mike and Sarah

Z said...

Lovely to hear from you Mike and Sarah. I have been very busy recently, but will phone Ann this week. Much love to you all.