Sunday, 1 July 2018


Today we met up with as many of our family as could make it (nineteen of us) to Cambridge, where we'd hired  a couple  of  punts, complete with an undergraduate each  as an outboard motor, and went quanting on the Cam. The young gentleman, on our punt, let two of me daughters (senior daughter, Sarah,  and  youngest daughter, Liz)  have a go at quanting. Neither of them disgraced themselves. After that we had tea outside the hotel, on the riverbank, before returning home. It was a lovely afternoon out, which we all  enjoyed thoroughly. It has a long family history, which started by taking everyone to  a pantomime, but has changed a good many times over the years;  but  we think we may  change our arrangements next year. We'll  see what  everyone thinks. I know  they all  like to  get together with all  the cousins and exchange family news and gossip.

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Rough said...

Thank you GrAnny and Pa, it was lovely afternoon xxx