Wednesday, 25 July 2018


Been a busy day.
Ann had to go  into  Ipswich Hospital for  a check  up on  her eye operation. She was taken into  Ipswich by a  good friend  of ours, John Goldbourn.  Granddaughter Beth is staying with us for a few days, and made lunch. She made a chicken casserole;which I am shown   (above) adjusting with the addition of a  few chopped herbs from the garden, variegated sage, garden mint, chives, etc.

The above photo shows, from left to  right - Granddaughter Beth, great granddaughter Astrid, Great grandmother Ann, Astrid's Mama (granddaughter Amelia), and Amelia's Mama, senior daughter Sarah.

Granddaughter  Beth, at work preparing  lunch for us all in the kitchen. She's staying  a few days, looking  after the senior generation -us. The  youngsters have been  SO GOOD! over the last  few weeks. It really does restore the faith in human nature.


Rough said...

It could have something to do with their upbringing too xxx

Rough said...

Lovely photos

Mike said...

Thank you Rough.

Z said...

Dearest Mike and Ann, you are so good to everyone. You've certainly been very good to me. Not surprising that your family loves and cares for you. I hope the check up went well.

Mike said...

Thank you Zoe. Ann has an appointment with her optician on Tuesday to adjust the left lens of her specs. Other than that all is going absolutely according to plan, and she's as pleased as punch with the result of the op.

Warm regards, Mike and Ann.