Monday, 2 July 2018


Above photo  shows our two great granddaughters ( they are second cousins and very good friends) enjoying a family high tea beside the river Cam at a hotel in Cambridge, yesterday,

Around mid day today, we motored out to the building shown above and below. It is  the Bell  Hotel in Kersey, where we had lunch  in the garden. We have been using this hostelry  for over fifty years. Ruth who is staying with us has always  loved it.

The two antique items we purchased  (by 'phone) arrived by carrier this morning.  One of them will need a good deal of work doing, which I'm already  planning. It's good  to have something in prospect.


Z said...

We were saying at the family get-together yesterday, how well all the children get on. When the cousins (aged between 2 and 13) are together, there's never a cross word and they all have fun. Neither I nor my children had cousins, so it's a joy to see.

Mike said...

Hello Zoe. Quite agree with you re cousins. Both Ann and I have cousins, as have our children. We keep in touch with them, but lately it's been mainly at family funerals, although Ann's side do make a point of meeting up annually at the new Welney Village Hall to pick up the threads; as Horners tend to run to daughters, there are very few of us , to the point where I think our son is going to be the last Horner (in our line, anyway). Over the last few years I've lost the last two cousins I'd kept in touch with, both ladies. Thinking about it - I must really make more effort to keep in touch with far flung family.