Tuesday, 31 July 2018



The Ipomias are giving their usual  glorious display, but have noticed  something a bit different about  this  year's flowers, though. The below  flower is  the  normal five lobed  (petalled  ?) flower, but the plants are  occasionally throwing  four lobed flowers, as shown in the upper picture. I've never noticed this before.  Can any of my readers suggest a cause for this?  The four lobed jobs are still lovely, but do look a little odd.

Motored over to have tea with friend Helga this afternoon.  She bust her right arm a few weeks ago, and is still  a little shaky, although the arm has healed well. She's  a  few  years older than we are, so I suppose Anno Domini could have something  to do with it.

Goodnight  All.


Z said...

That is unusual, I've never seen it before either. I suppose the very hot weather caused glitches.

Mike said...

Hello Z. It is unusual, isn't it? I think your suggestion could well be the reason for it. Can't think of a betterr one, anyway. Thanks.