Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Wednesday 2.

Yesterday was the hundredth anniversary of  the  founding of the R.A.F.  so we drove out to a disused airfield a mile or  so from home to see the fly-past of aircraft towards London.  It gave us (and around forty or fifty other people  who'd  had the same idea) a good view of the  fly past.. We talked to  an elderly lady (even by our standards - she told us  she was 92) who wanted to know if any of us knew about her favourite aircraft she'd ever flown in -the Walrus?  Well of course I knew of the crate - it was a 'pusher' amphibious aircraft of (I think) the thirties.   She also told  us (she'd arrived by car - she'd driven herself) that her family didn't really approve  of her still driving, but she'd  consulted her doctor, who'd examined her, and then given his opinion that  she  was as safe a driver as she ever had been. I carefully did NOT give my  opinion that this remark could be  taken  two ways.  I think her family had shown great restraint by not  pointing  this  one  out - they must have spotted it, I'd think.

In the top picture I'm sitting on an old  shooting  stick I keep in the car, supported by walking sticks - nice and easy to get up from. In the second picture Ruth is holding   the  shooting stick. A pleasant morning's outing.


Crowbard said...

Hello Mike,
Just discovered your blog is active again, hope this comment reaches you. Lovely to see you all enjoying the flying. Shame about the RFC but flying was too important to leave in the hands of the army.
Your picture reminded me of the old riddle "What goes on four legs in the morning, two legs in the afternoon and three at even-tide?"
Now I'm waiting for something to remind me of the riddle's solution!

Z said...

Once, I gave someone a reference which included "he has been a valued member of staff" - meaning, he was once but wasn't any more. He got the job and I felt guilty for years, as I'd been so desperate to get rid of him (and he to leave), but then I met him by chance and it turned out the move had been a resounding success. Quite a relief.

Mike said...

I think that's the riddle of the sphynx :-
What goes upon four legs, or two legs, or three.
And the more legs he goes on,
the weaker he be.

The answer, of course, is man.
A baby crawls, a man walks.
An old man walks on three legs i.e. two legs and a stick.

Anonymous said...

Hello Zoe. It ain't what you say - it's the way what you say it. Or rather perhaps, it's the way that you stress it.
Or, as my father used to say - It's not what you know, or who you know. It's what you know about who you know.

Mike said...

Sorry Z. That last comment is NOT by anonymous but by me, Mike. Don't quite know how I did that.....Yes, I do, though -sorry, hit wrong button. Won't, I trust , do it again.

Mike said...

Hello again, Crowbard. Talking of that riddle, I find that old joke about not catching an old bird with chaff crossing my mind.

Crowbard said...

I prefer seedier jests myself ~ and seedier bird-bait too.