Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Tuesday 2 or as Ruth suggests -Twosday.

The roses are now blooming  so  heavily that Ann found a few breaking off, and  brought them into the  kitchen as cut  flowers. Ruth took  Ann into  the local hospital this  morning for an eye check-up today, and they learned that Ann is  to go back in tomorrow to have a cataract removed from her left eye, at 3p.m. Ruth will drive  her in.  I will stay at home, as Liz is bringing her older daughter and our great
 granddaughter, Elsa, who is celebrating her fourth birthday tomorrow, and going to school (a Church school) in September. Liz is bringing lunch with her for all of us.  Must just try and  clear a few scrabble games, then bed.

So - Goodnight All.

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