Friday, 29 June 2018


Our daughter Ruth has been staying for  a few days. It has been lovely having her here. Her daughters flew home earlier in the week. Ruth can always  see a job and get  on with it, and  Ann loves going shopping with her. Usually I'll go with Ann and push the trolley  for  her, but other than that I know my limitations, and serious shopping is one of them; although one of  my acknowledged  jobs is buying  wine, when we are having friends for a meal.  We have just had one of  my favourite suppers,  which consisted of cold leftovers and tea.

Ruth has also been giving me an intensive course in blog writing and keeping  the computer under control. It does seem to be behaving better than it has done at any time  this past two years.

Going upstairs now to be sociable. So- Good night  All.


Rough said...

Thank you Pa! Most complimentary. Xxx

Z said...

Buying a new computer is one of the great stress-inducers. Well done Ruth.