Friday, 8 June 2018


Looking  through  old  photographs and  found the above. Can't remember where I  took  the  photo but it must have been within  a few miles of  home- which  just  goes   to prove how  spoiled we are for lovely old buildings in Suffolk. Been working on a  silver clock hand pendant for a  granddaughter earlier today. I've always  made them for daughters (et cetera)  when they hit fifty, but if  I'm to make them for  granddaughters when they attain that age, I shall be in my nineties, and I'm not  sure that I shall  be  a reliable silversmith  by then. So, at Ann's suggestion, I think the rising generation can have them at thirty, and  as two of  them are fast approaching  that point, I'd better start now.  Gives me something to do, and keeps me off  the streets.

Off to bed now. Goodnight all.

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