Thursday, 28 June 2018

Thursday 2.

This is a photograph I took last week of the  Guildhall at Lavenham. It is a magnificent building, which was built, I  believe, about  1520. Our guildhall is about two hundred years earlier, double jettied, but  not so  well known as the Lavenham one.


Been a  busy week; as recorded earlier, nephew William very kindly ran me  into London on Tuesday to view an auction sale. Then on Wednesday I made postal bids on seven items in the sale, and secured two of them. Today we've been on the 'phone arranging payment, then more 'phoning to arrange collection and delivery by carrier. A certain amount of work to be done on one lot, but a good clean is all that will be necessary on the  other. Seems to be a good method of bidding and buying . Not too  tiring, either.   Thoroughly enjoyed it, and well  within my capabilities.    Supper time, I think, so will wish  all  my readers a good night.  Then upstairs, supper and an early night.



Rough said...

Glad you enjoyed it. A little disappointed though, as I didn’t get a mechanical flying bird this time, for not coming with you!

Mike said...

I remember it - a rubber band powered wood pigeon - from the Portobello Road market, I think. You've a GOOD memory.