Thursday, 28 June 2018


Ipomia (Morning Glory). This is a favourite plant of ours. I grow it most years, but it is  fairly picky about growing up the bamboo lattice work that I've fixed up  for it's convenience. The  year before last it grew very well, and was an absolute picture.  Last year it did blossom, but  never had more than five blossoms  open at any one time.   Yesterday (27th June) it had the one bloom showing , as above.  The flower was four and a half inches in diameter, but the real surprise was the date it opened, 27th JUNE. I can't remember seeing one of these in flower in June before. It will (in theory) now bloom until  the first frosts!  I should, though, point out  that the folk name, of Morning Glory, is  quite accurate, in that the flowers will have died by late afternoon/ early evening.  I shall, of  course, now  follow its future progress with great interest, and probably put up  further photos of it  as the year progresses. In fact I may well bore my readers rigid with photos of the Morning  Glory, before the first frosts.


Rough said...

I love that shade of blue!

Mike said...

Yes, so do I.