Friday, 22 June 2018


Machine is again playing up, and being very reluctant to accept photies. On Tuesday we motored over to Fordham (the one near Newmarket) to meet up with daughter Kerry at the local garden centre (and also to give her lunch at the garden centre restaurant). On the way there we motored through Lavenham town centre, because our usual short cut around the town was closed for road repairs. Took advantage of going through the middle of this lovely little town to take photoes of half a dozen or so of the earlier buildings, for eventual use in the blog.This evening, having transferred the photoes from the camera to the computer, the computer swallowed the photies, gave a quietly satisfied burp; and that was the last I've seen of the Lavenham photies, although I've searched the computer for them. Ann says her Ipad is also playing up badly, so I must supose it's not just my computer (or me) getting it wrong. Ah well! Must just keep trying, I suppose, but will be issuing blog entries unillustrated until I can find a way round problem.

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