Monday, 14 May 2018

Both these pictures were taken during our fortnight at senior daughter's home in Milton Keynes village during  the last fortnight, when our new bathroom was installed in Suffolk.  The top one shows me teaching Great Granddaughter Astrid (who is now three and a half) how to blow bubbles. This magic fascinated her so much that when she called  in at Grandmama Sarah's home ( a few miles from her home) she would plant herself in from of me and say  (very firmly) "Bubbles ?".

Above picture taken in the same room (Sarah and Mikey's kitchen  in Milton Keynes village), and shows FOUR generations of ladies - Ann, Amelia, Astrid and Sarah (our senior daughter).  It's an odd thing, but when people learn that we are going to MIlton Keynes, they make derogatory remarks about the  place,  and almost invariably, it turns out that they have never been to the place, or, at best, have once driven through it. In fact, a very great deal of thought  has gone into the design and layout of  the place, and there's a lot to be said  for open spaces, woods, grassland ,  meadows, lakes, and well designed houses. Most of the  prettier village centres have been carefully  preserved, too. Just being called for lunch. More later, hopefully.

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