Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Had the oddest experience (or rather series of ) over the the last week or so. It started off with a friend of ours showing me a post card from her son in New Zealand. I illustrate the postcard above. I was introduced to her son, the last time he was over here, which was three or four years ago. With the  postcard was a note saying  that if I was still about (!) I might be interested in it.  He had bought it in a museum in New Zealand, and asked (via his Mama) if,  given the likeness between meself and the  subject of the postcard, we were relations ? I shouldn't think  so , says  I, given the gentleman's  name
(Sir John Anderson, a Scottish name). However, I 'phoned brother Crowbard, he being  a keen researcher of family  trees, told him about the  matter, and got rather a surprise.   The connexion is via Sir John's mother, and my great grandmother. Crowbard is of opinion that we are probably fourth or fifth cousins.  It seems odd to me that  over such a long period  such  a likeness should have occurred.  Strange subject - genetics. Strange subject -coincidences.

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