Monday, 14 May 2018

It's good to be  home  again, Sarah drove over this morning from Milton Keynes, and took Ann into Ipswich Hospital , where it was decided that Ann is to have a cataract removed from one eye sometime in the next  three months. Otherwise, the eye surgeon  is fairly happy about her eyes.

I've been asked not to drive (pro tem.), which is why Sarah drove over. I must say that all our offspring have been very good indeed about running us about, when necessary; and generally keeping an eye on us.
 Looking at my screen it seems that I've developed the same photo twice - still I suppose that's better than none being developed at all, as has been  frequently   the case, of late.  After lunch Sarah has been giving me lessons on the computer, so I'll keep trying to publish this blog. If it doesn't work it will mean that this machine has found some other way of  frustrating my good intentions - must just keep trying. 


Z said...

I was visiting a friend at Ipswich Hospital today, Mike - but the other end of the hospital from Outpatients, so it's not surprising we didn't bump into each other! I called on Steve and Liz afterwards.

Pat said...

Good luck with the cataract op. Since I had mine done I only need glasses for very small print but oddly I miss my glasses.