Wednesday, 30 May 2018


Took  the above photo through  the car nearside window earlier this  week. The  house  is a   (probably)  pre-Tudor moated manor house a few miles up the road towards Stowmarket. It is  a lovely looking old place, but given the closeness of the moat to one side of the house, probably  rather damp! Always  looks well though, and we always  slow down when passing it.

Been a 'bitty' sort of a day. Had a visit this morning from a health specialist of some sort (an 'ologist' from the local surgery) - nice woman - with a sense of humour. Rather enjoy her visits -  find them a bit  tiring, though.  Then this afternoon had a further interview with one of the Doctors from our surgery. Lots of questions, and he seems to enjoy  our visits to him, as do we. Between times today been 'pottering' in the workshop - finishing jobs, tidying up, spot of hoovering, etc. Place looks  better for my efforts, I must say.  Just 'phoned Kerry (one of our daughters) to wish her many  happy returns. She  sounded fairly bright and  cheerful.

Wish you all a very good night's rest.  Mike and Ann.

Got  a few more odd-jobs to be done down here, then going to grab what's left of an  early night I think.

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