Tuesday, 15 May 2018


Managed to crop, and therefore enlarge, the photo of our frog (?) which I showed yesterday. I  put a  question mark because I'm not sure that some expert on amphibia won't try and tell me that this  is a toad rather than a frog, and given this chap's  skin, I'm not  too sure, but anyway, no bets taken either way. This afternoon we motored over to Sudbury to have my hearing aids serviced, and also to do a little necessary  shopping (socks, a tie or so, and some groceries), and also to drink  coffee, and take some photoes of  a Suffolk village, Boxford,   on the way back (for use in future blog entries) -altogether a very pleasant and relaxed afternoon out.

Pushing ten pip Emma, and I'm starting to make toooo many typing errors (all so far I think, corrected)  so I'll knock off now.    Goodnight all.

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Z said...

I think it's a frog too. But I know nothin' about nothin'...