Wednesday, 16 May 2018


Snapshots of  the main street in Boxford, a few miles from here.  Just before I  took the second picture down, a small boy (a 7  to 8 year old) was careering down the hill on his bicycle,  and  shrieking at the top of  his voice  "This is DANGEROUS. This is REALLY  DANGEROUS!!!", whilst  obviously  thoroughly enjoying himself.  We forget what it's like to  be that age!

The third picture down is of a small building backing onto the river. The building  has always  rather puzzled me. The two stone squares above the doorways are inscribed BG and 1828. I've done a  little research, and the  local story is that the  building  was Boxford Gaol or lock up, then used as a Fire Station, then more  recently as a 'bus shelter.
Boxford is  a lovely (and  quite unspoiled)  Suffolk village, and well worth exploring.


Pat said...

Lovely photos as usual. Looks like you are also having great weather

Mike said...

Thank you, Pat. Nice to hear from you. Yes, we've had some lovely weather this last week or so, and the odd rainy day, too. Ideal late spring weather for the gardens.
Warm regards, Mike and Ann.