Monday, 23 April 2018

Going to be rather busy over the  next few days, as we are having  a  new bathroom (or rather - I'm told  it  will  be a 'wet room') installed.  I hope  we'll  both like it when done. We know  the chap who's doing it. He built  our friends (John and Milly) a new kitchen and made a lovely job of  it, so fingers crossed.

 Above is a snapshot of  our garden pond. It's an old  rubber horse bucket which I inserted into the garden last year, but our resident goldfish seems to like it. 

Not been too well over the  last few months, but seem able to get on with things a bit better now.  Basically Anno Domini, but the medicos call it different things these days.  I really don't  like medispeak. Unnecessarily offensive.  Won't go into  that just now;   might when convinced I'm completely better, but I really don't think even the cleverest medicos can do much to  stop the march of Anno Domini. 

Been reading the Forsyte Saga again -  last read it about forty  years ago-  do you know, the characters haven't changed a bit in those forty years.  Will try a Dickens or so  next I think. Warm regards  to you all.    Mike.


Rog said...

Hello Mike - Good luck with the new Wet Room and also telling Ann O'Domini where to get off! Hope all goes well and you continue to feel better.
(I've left a few witty comments for you but they appear to have fallen into the ether....let's see what happens to this one which isn't as witty ;-) )

PixieMum said...

Good to hear from you Mike, I posted a comment to your blog when Lucy was with you, it doesn’t seem to have appeared. Hope,that Ann’s eye examination went well. Life is much the same here, gardening, (Ian) knitting (me) and grandchildren for both us.

Look forward to seeing pictures of the wet room, definitely worth having done and it will make life easier for,you both.


Z said...

I listened to The Forsyte Sage when they dramatised it on Radio 4 Extra a year or two ago. I rather enjoyed it, after all those years.

Your bathroom is amazing, but I can see that a wet room will be more practical. Hope all goes well. Anno Domini might as well be embraced, as it can't be stopped. You still play a mean game of Scrabble. And anyone who knows you would consider you a dear, good friend. Warm regards back to you and Ann.