Tuesday, 10 April 2018


Wandered round the  garden the  other evening (well, a day  or  so  ago) and took photies. The garden is really starting to look quite colourful, and as grand daughter Lucy  is here this morning, nominally keeping an eye on the  old man, we discussed the  matter and decided to make a 'blog entry' of  the garden.  The top picture  is of  wild violets (I think   'dog violets'  is  the correct term)  They started to come into flower early in January then we had a good deal of snow, and they changed their little minds about the matter, but they've all decided that perhaps it really is spring now, and have all flowered again.

Should perhaps  have explained that, ordinarily,  Lucy is at Liverpool John Moores University, reading  history, but she  is  enjoying the  Easter  holiday, and as her Mama (our  senior  daughter, Sarah) is  taking Ann to hospital for an examination of one of her (Ann's) eyes, Lucy is staying here with me pro tem-  she is nominally looking  after me -  but I shall have to make her a coffee in a min. 
More later, next time I have someone here who can make the computer behave itself, as Lucy can. 

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PixieMum said...

Hope all went well with Ann’s eye examination and that you are both keeping well. I need to return to blogging, although I fear not all my readers will be interested in my Knitting struggles!