Thursday, 1 June 2017


Bit of good news! Took a photo of   this  little chap yesterday evening. He is  a  very young goldfinch, but  good evidence  that the goldfinches have been breeding once  again in   the area. They really are the prettiest small, native,  wild birds in England, in my opinion.  


Mike said...

P.s. Nattering this morning to a friend from the next village, and they too, have very young goldfinches about their garden , so no danger of a shortage of gold finches in this area.

P.p.s Just pre breakfast Ann called me over to the kitchen window to see two very young GREENFINCHES feeding. These have been very scarce over the last year or two, so it was reassuring to see them.

Margaret Brocklehurst said...

We have young goldfinches as well. In actual fact we have more goldfinches than any other bird in the garden!
I have to agree with you Mike, they are the prettiess of birds, love the sound they make as well, even when they are arguing, it sounds musical.

Mike said...

Hello Mag. Good to hear from you. From what I was told this morning and from your comment, it sounds as if goldfinches are doing rather well this year - I'm glad to say.