Saturday, 10 June 2017


Today is  open day for  a good  many gardens in town  (including  ours). They vary  from two/three acre grand gardens along  the river down to tiny 'secret gardens' like ours (these are mostly small courtyard gardens attached to medieval houses/cottages).  Ann's  just nipped into town to get a few last minute groceries, and to pick up Hilary to help us - Hilary being a very knowledgeable gardener, and she also knows everybody (?) about town, which helps. 

The top picture shows the length of our little garden; and the lower picture  shows a few 'Bonsai' trees, which I enjoy growing, and which I  always think, by comparison, makes the garden appear  rather bigger than it is.
If you're anywhere near Highdale today do come and have a look at our gardens, id est, Ann's herb garden, our rose garden, the water garden (made from an old horse bucket), my  forge, et alia.


Crowbard said...

Lovely pictures Mike; a few more close-ups of each garden section would be appreciated when you find time, please?

Mike said...

Hello Crowbard. Please see next blog entry (for Sunday, 11th June). Hope this gives a rather better idea of our garden. Failing that - talk to your lady Wife- Jude knows our garden quite well - and it's time she played a return trip to it; she's always full of good ideas for gardens.