Thursday, 8 June 2017


We went into  town this  morning in order to vote. In town we met a friend, and  stopped to have  a moan about the difficulty of  deciding who to vote for - who was the 'best of a bad lot' . I'm afraid that I was having a real moan about this. Our friend pointed out the one good point about our choice -
"Look on the bright side, Mike. At least this side of the water we don't have to  think about Trump as one of  the possibilities!"

Oddly enough I found this reflection really quite cheering.


Crowbard said...

My word, you've lifted me from my misery too. I voted Conservative in hope of getting a strong leadership to deal with the brexit negotiation also in hopes of another election being demanded post-brexit when I can vote Liberal in the further hope that everybody else will also be hacked off with the major groups of thuggish politicos.
Re Trump; at least our politicians tell fairly credible lies all the time.
I rather suspect the recent tragic assassinations may have influenced the vote by heightening the general feeling of insecurity.

Z said...

If you had suggested a month ago that I might have contemplated voting for Jeremy Corbyn, I'd have laughed and given an indignant answer. Indeed, that was the reply I gave when asked - but after all, that's what I did do, because I thought nothing was worse than a Theresa May landslide. And now, interesting times ... and I live in a safe Tory seat so I knew my vote would have no effect, but I would still have - remarkably - made that choice anyway.