Monday, 5 June 2017


More corners of the Garden.


Delphiniums (delphinia ?) above.

French 'striped'  rambling rose. Something Pichard, I think (Might be Henri P...........) Must look it up.
It always looks to me very similar to the  old Rosa Mundi but with one or two minor improvements. Must go and do some work.

Have been busy repairing and restoring an old matchlock key pistol in any  spare time  this last  couple of days.  Probably a jailor's badge of office.


Mike said...

Just looked it up. There is a rose 'Henri Pichard', but this is, in fact, a Rose Ferdinand Pichard. Should learn to trust my memory more.

Z said...

Your garden has more flowers in it than many that are much bigger. It's lovely.

Mike said...

Thank you Zoe. I always think (well I do these days) that the smaller the garden is, the more care and thought must be given to what goes into it.