Sunday, 11 June 2017


By special request of Crowbard, here  are  a few more  photographs  of  our  garden. The first one was taken  outside my forge,  the   second one through  the kitchen  window, the third one  on  a  raised area near Ann's shed (containing mainly garden tools) . The  fourth one centres around an  urn (one of three or four).  The last photograph is of  the box edged (or hedged) rose bed (contains eight large rose bushes).

Hope this gives Crowbard a fair idea of our  cottage garden. It's nowhere near as formal a garden  as yours, Carl and Jude, but  it  gives us  a great deal of pleasure. The open garden day yesterday was much enjoyed by us, and I've every reason to  believe by  the  three hundred and ninety visitors that friend Hilary counted in and out.

Warm regards, Mike  and Ann.  


Crowbard said...

Thank you Mike, a display well worth looking at, I particularly like what look to be red drum-head primulas. It is a great achievement to offer such delight to so many people, you always did give people more than their moneys' worth. Luvbruv.

Mike said...

Hello Carl. Not drumhead primula. Can't remember the name. I'll see if Ann can. Bought them at a local plant shop in Monks Eleigh. Both felt the garden needed 'highlights'. These worked well.

Mike said...

Hello Carl. Verbena.
Regards, Mike.

Crowbard said...

Thanks Mike, They look very well alongside those rich purple blooms; I recall one of the Verbenas being used as a herbal heart medicine (roots not included).

Z said...

I love your garden, as I may have mentioned before. Looking forward to seeing you - please tell Ann that there will be 15 of us this time, so that she doesn't prepare vast amounts of food!