Wednesday, 14 June 2017


Just before breakfast this morning I went out to feed our remaining gold fish, and saw our very devoted father blackbird busy feeding two of  his  daughters.  Whizzed in , grabbed camera, and by sheer good luck was able to photograph all three of them. I  think  this must be the third brood he's raised this  year. The two young female birds are very well camouflaged, aren't  they?

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Crowbard said...

We have a family of blackbirds as regular visitors, the cock-bird has a very distinguished pure white feather in his tail (third feather from his left). Judy spotted a green woodpecker a couple of days ago, pecking ants off the grass at the entrance to the spinney across the way from our side-lawn, and last week we twice saw a weasel entering the back garden via the side-gate. Yesterday a young grey-squirrel was striking poses atop one of the back garden fence-posts in a very regal manner. The only down-side is the thuggish mob of fat pigeons who regularly invade the back lawn.