Wednesday, 31 May 2017


Last week we spent an hour or two in Bury St. Edmund's, with friend  Hilary, who  knew  of  an
'Aquatic Centre' there. Hilary's  garden is  in Highdale  town centre and is much the same  size as ours (i.e. miniscule). However her garden pond is rather larger than ours. Ours is about  eighteen  inches across, and  is in fact, an old horse bucket sunk into the ground, and surrounded by stones. To cut  a  long story reasonably  short, we both  bought a water hyacinth and  some small goldfish. Hilary also bought a small electric powered fountain. The  young man in charge (knowledgeable and obliging young chap) gave us a 'special price' on five small goldfish, and  in  view of Hilary's rather  larger pond, she took  three of the fish and we took two. Portrait of  new residents above. They seem to be settling in quite well. We think  they add a bit of interest  to the garden, and I'm sure  the  Great grandchildren will love  them.   


Crowbard said...

I see you've managed to de-italicise your blog. What level of threat did you offer your computer in order to obtain its compliance?

Mike said...

Well, I ignored it. Sometimes I find this is the best way with the 'puter. He is like a naughty child. In the words of one of our great English poets "He only does it to annoy because he knows it teases". So if we take no notice of his silliness, he eventually resumes normal service. Sometimes I have to go to the length of switching the whole think OFF, and that always worries him. So I didn't take anymore notice of him yesterday evening, and this morning he was trying really hard to get my attention and please me. I think perhaps I am finally beginning to understand computers and their annoying ways (?)

Mike said...

Hullo Crowbard. Well, in short, I ignored it. In the words of a great poet "he only does it to annoy because he knows it teases." So if we leave the puter s