Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Wednesday 2.

This is  a  photograph of  Ann's  herb garden. The white flowered plant to the centre right of the  photo is (in my opinion) one of the most useful herbs in the garden (bar possibly mint). It is  Sweet Cecily. If chopped and mixed with rhubarb, and cooked, the  mixture  needs very little sugar to make it palatable. Our good friends Jonathan and Jo came to lunch today, had rhubarb and Sweet Cecily as a pudding, and were astonished at what a good mix this is. The Sweet Cecily, when first gathered (and before cooking) has a not unpleasant liquorice scent and flavour, which doesn't seem to survive cooking, but sweetens rhubarb most pleasantly. Don't know   why it's  not more  widely known and used. 


Mike said...

See next photo (Wednesday 3) for a better photo of Sweet Cecily.

Mike said...

Please look at the illustration on Thursday's blog entry regarding this clock dial originally having only had an hour hand.