Tuesday, 9 May 2017


The above  two  photographs are rather fuller ones of yesterdayday's 'Mystery object', which were taken from a rather different angle. It is, of  course, an English coaching blunderbuss with a spring bayonet along the top of the barrel. It was made by J.Wright, of  Weymouth, circa 1790 to 1810. I've  always liked the engraving round the muzzle, Fly or Dye; in that, if you're close enough  to  read it, then you've  already lost the  choice it gives .


Crowbard said...

Hi Mike, I see the hole which I mistook for a touch-hole is the locating hole for the bayonet hinge. It's a handsome piece.

Crowbard said...

There is a reference dating from 1677 for the motto "Fly or Dye" around the barrel rim. It comes from Aphra Behn's play Abdelazer; or, the Moor's Revenge. A tragedy. [In verse.] Act II Scene I [page 59]