Monday, 8 May 2017


                                            Mystery Object.

                                  What is it? Where was it made? And When?


Crowbard said...

The dire warning and the ram-rod head suggest it to be an anti-highway-man device, a pocket pistol or muff pistol perhaps? It is a difficult perspective from which to estimate length, but if that orifice within the chamber is the touch-hole then it appears to be a very short barreled weapon indeed, perhaps even a form of palm-pistol?

paul cully said...

Without anything to indicate the scale or any information about the two semi-circular protuberances north and south I'm afraid I'm reduced to a simple " je ne sais pas " delivered with the appropriate Gallic shrug of the shoulders, with both hands extended forward, palms upwards and fingers fully extended.!!

Rog said...

It was possibly an ancient receptacle for "Dylon" hair colourant used in the RAF in the traditional game of "Fly or Dye" in which a non flyer was forced to become ginger.

Mike said...

It is, as Crowbard says, an anti highwayman device. You are quite right, Paul; I should have included something to indicate the scale. As always, I loved Roger's explanation (especially this time, for fly or Dye. Good try all three of you.

Mike said...

P.s. See entry for Tuesday, 9th May.

Crowbard said...

Hi Paul,
Tant pis! Ça ne faire rien!

Hi Rog, your chuckle-worthy comment re Dylon reminded me of the occasion on which I sold a few dozen of my home-made tie & dye T-shirts to a Carnaby Street retailer in the 1960s; I barely broke even on the deal so I got out of the rag-trade.

I understand not all ground-crew were naturally ginger and some of the flyers were unnaturally gay!

Hi Mike, that's a bigger weapon than expected!