Thursday, 25 May 2017


With reference to the clock dial I was writing about yesterday, the point  is  that if the  'minute divisions' between the hour numerals are examined carefully, it will be  found that  there are four  of them between each hour numeral and the  next, and this is because the divisions are NOT minute divisions but quarter hour divisions, and this in turn indicates that the clock was originally  a 'single  hander' rather than having an hour and a minute  hand.  It is surprising how quickly the  eyes get used to a single handed clock dial, and how easy it is to judge the time accurately with only an hour hand.

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Crowbard said...

Ah yes, Mike, as is frequently the case, I leapt to a conclusion before I had looked at the minutiae of the evidence. I must remember to look twice, think carefully and say nowt. (Fat chance of ever getting one over on you Bruv.)