Sunday, 28 May 2017


Spent a  morning earlier this  week rebuilding last year's runner bean obelisks(hope that's the right  word). All  that is  needed for two of them are two square (that's important) terra cotta flower pots as bases, eight (four each) six foot bamboo poles, a wooden cross piece to spring the bamboo poles apart, and some green garden string to bind the four poles together at the top. Very easy to make, and when the beans are full of beans (if you see what I mean) they give a good supply of vegetables all summer and into the autumn; and they also look well when they are full of scarlet flowers in summer. Must try and remember to take photos of them when the beans are flowering. I'm told that runner beans were grown for the  flowers long before their value as a vegetable was realised (?). Don't know  if anyone can confirm that?

P.s.Fill the two terra cotta pots to within an inch or so of the top with multi  purpose compost the Head Gardener ( a.k.a Ann) tells me.  This is called 'missing the obvious' and I  am frequently  guilty of  it.  

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