Saturday, 12 January 2019


Upper photo (lower sword) shows  antler gripped hunting sword, silver hilted, English, and dating from 1734. I know that is a very precise date, but if  you  look at the sword knuckle bow, you will  see hallmarks. They are London silver hallmarks for the year 1734.

Upper sword is of bronze, and dates from about 2,000 years B.C. It was made in Luristan (more or less where Persia now stands). It handles surprisingly well.


Crowbard said...

What an absolute delight they are Mike; I cannot say which I covet the most ~ and I've spent some time comparing and considering them.

The Lurs of Luristan in the Western part of modern Iran , were renowned for their bronze ornamentation and Bronze and iron weaponry.

Mike said...

The Luristani sword looks as if it might have had wooden (or indeed ivory) inserts in the grip. In fact it can be held by the bronze grip reasonable comfortably. As stated it handles well.

Z said...

I do enjoy a length of cold steel, but when it's as beautiful as that, with silver hilt to boot, I'm really happy!