Friday, 11 January 2019


This chap is Yusuf.  He lives on the back of the scullery door. He is made  from an elderly coacoanut (and one of my old work aprons) His job is (was) to deter the grandchildren from the wine racks  nearby.  I don't think this works very well, especially as Jusuf now has a rather beery, leery, (but  cheery) look  himself.

I haven't yet written the main news this week, which is that Ann had the cataract removed from her right eye on Wednesday  (she had the one in her left eye successfully  removed  on July the fourth).  She is still sporting what appears to be an unusually large monocle (a guard) over her right eye, which she'll be wearing for a day or so yet. She's also been advised not to drive for a month (and, as I've been medically advised  not to drive again, that leaves us  relying on taxis / and friends for a short times - which could be a lot worse. )

I must say that Ann seems to be recovering very well from the op already, which is great.  I'm writing a lot today, to take advantage of Ruth's new, written record, of how to  put photies onto blog entries - so far it's working quite well.

Ruth plans to return to Sweden, via London, tomorrow. Grand daughter Freja , plans to stay with us until February, which is great. They have really been pulling their weight!, as have all our family, God bless 'em!

More later perhaps.


Z said...

Love and best wishes to Ann, so glad the operation has gone well. How lovely to have Freja staying, especially as she lives so far away. It'll be a time you'll all treasure forever.

Yusuf is great, but I'm not sure he'd keep anyone away! Especially from wine.

Rough said...

No I know he has a name I'm finding him much more attractive :)

Mike said...

Hello Z. Ann's just been reading your comment re Freja staying, and she quite agrees with you . She's thoroughly enjoying it and says yes, it's something she'll always remember and always treasure.

Hello Ruth. Both Yusuf and I appreciate your remarks about him. Glad you approve.