Wednesday, 19 April 2017


Second daughter  Ruth and  her two girls have been staying  with us over the Easter week. We picked them up at the  airport last Friday. Traffic was very heavy and  we took the 'pretty  way' home. As we approached  the village of  Cavendish  I told them that the village green at Cavendish was reckoned the  prettiest  scene in East Anglia. They loved  the above view!  but when I asked them if they agreed it was the prettiest view we'd shown them, they discussed the relative merits of Cavendish, Kersey, and  Lavenham, then came to the conclusion the Cavendish was 'one of  the prettiest' views they'd seen in England, and that judging between these villages was quite impossible. A case, I'd suppose of 'comparisons being  odious'; and, I think, a  wise decision.


When we got home, they all spotted the above 'Green man' which had been given to us; and all rather liked it with the espaliered branches of the Egremont Russett apple tree framing it. The tree is in full  flower (the  first time it has been since I planted it five or six years ago).


Rog said...

It is a pretty village but I would suggest there are hundreds of equally lovely places in our glorious island!

More importantly, did you try the George at Cavendish - definitely in my top 20 pub restaurants (although I only know about 25 :-) )

Mike said...

Hello Rog. Yes, I agree with you, and I think that's what the granddaughters decided - that it's not possible to decide (we're spoilt for choice in East Anglia). And yes, we have been into the George for coffee, etc., but we haven't had a meal there. It's a nice, clean, welcoming place. I think we must try eating there.