Friday, 21 April 2017


Ruth's shadow and a  stick man dancing on the sand-
                                    Hand in hand.

At Felixstowe.


Crowbard said...

As a study in transient mixed media and light & shade that is an extremely engaging composition; it proposes relationships between the two principal motifs. From the media perspective it is a temporary etching/engraving on an unstable medium (the beach) and a projected absence of light (the shadow) of even less stability and briefer span, changed or gone as soon as the model moves or the sun hides behind a cloud. Whether Ruth is the model or the artist or both also requires consideration. Certainly she is the choreographer and source of such movements as occur within the designated duration of the event/art-work/performance.
Of course no-one has to think about it analytically ~ but it is jolly good fun despite the underlying philosophical issues invoked.

Mike said...

Hello Crowbard. Ruth drew the stick man, and is the other half of the composition. I just pressed the shutter and later 'cropped' the picture. Good fun, though, and I think it came out well. Ruth always was the artistic one in out family.

Rough said...

Why thank you both from the sandman and myself.