Monday, 17 April 2017

I Suggest that the above two photos be embiggened,  and that you  then read the above blog entry for full details.


paul cully said...

I'm fairly sure that I read somewhere recently, that kicking half inflated hedgehogs, regardless of how short a distance, was being considered for inclusion under the cruelty to spiky animals act of 1975. Lucky for you the incident happened under cover of darkness because I think the act specifically refers to the daytime conduct of such behaviour. Even so I think that, in future, when wandering abroad after dark you should consider wearing a miners helmet and ringing a small bell.
- A concerned citizen.

Mike said...

Dear Concerned Citizen; thank you for your concern but please don't worry any more on my behalf, as I'm considering suing the hedgehog under the Consideration for Elderly Citizens Act of 1976.

P.s. Good to hear from you Paul.